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GI30 120 880

Imported from Ordinary song 2.mid

GI30 110 256

from kaito vocaloid

FR60 110 1004

FR60 96 851

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GI20 110 162 4

Yep, it's a ringtone. nothing else to say, except it's my first legitimate 3/4 beat song!

GI30 100 240

Theme to the Disney animated series from the same duo who brought us Phineas and Ferb. For those starting to watch it who recognize Milo's voice: Yes, that's Weird Al.

GI30 80 125


GI30 80 399

Imported from opmp.midi

GI30 110 256 11

GI30F 73 256 10

GI30 110 1013

music isn't always bad

GI30F 67 300 2

I take the melody from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH6yMnFEq-M

FR60 95 312

Lily Rose

FR60 110 130

it's O.K. , if you're being modest.

GI30F 70 264

K15 110 96 1

From Castle in the Sky A Morning in the Slag Ravine 天空の城ラピュタ スラッグ渓谷の朝 Suraggu Keikoku no Asa

GI30 90 559 22


FR60 93 265 10

I don't know how to feel about this one. It's a bit too high at the end! But I kind of like that? It's got a bit of charm to it being in a higher range. So, guys! :D I have something a bit different for my description today! I feel it's common knowledge at this point that I tend to enjoy making up stories. And i'm going to talk about one of my stories today, but it's not even a pitch. It's in development! And it's making me realize just how bad my spelling truly is! XD This is part of what I've wrote already, it might change, might not. I just don't feel a connection with some of the names and such. But if any of you would like to see it more in detail, such as with the characters and such, here's a link. (Not recommended!) XD : https://kaleidiope.tumblr.com/post/189085071586/story-pitch-for-the-drawings-ive-been-doing "A world, Hanbano. Presumed to be, once a world of beauty, now a world of sand and sea. The small planet's moon was large enough to block the sun for decades. If not far longer. An eternal eclipse. Leaving the world to adapt to it's new conditions. For better, or worse. The world fell apart. But as all things will do, the world adapted. The people made the best of what they had. And the world didn't leave the people, truly, in the dark. "Starworms." A type of glowing water dwelling bug with bioluminescene, rumored to have magic inside their shell's, due to the evidence of life around the ponds they inhabit. They live in the water, and in the water far beneath the ground. Along with the "Starworms of the sky". A flying bug with a far fainter glow. rumored to be the souls of the dead. Other than stars themselves, they were the world's only source of light. "GlowCo." A company made for harvesting the Starworms. GlowCo took the Starworms and turned them into lights. GlowCo knew the world relied on their lights. Crazy with power, GlowCo charged great deals of pearls for their lights. Some people seen the damage it was doing, to the world, to the people, to the starworms themselves. And retaliated. They started wearing masks on one half of their face, so when there was no light, one eye would be adjusted to the darkness. The people who could afford lights rejected those with masks, and started calling them, "Off Ones". For they're seemingly "Off" logic. The Off Ones relied on the many small bodies of water about the world for light. Along with the deemed, deadly source, that was fire. The people lived in one city, but not together. Most "Without Masks" were anything and everything they dreamed of, while the Off Ones often became merchants. GlowCo was not fond of the Off Ones, They decided that if there is no natural light then they too, would have to buy their lights. GlowCo destroyed the city. And everything around it. Many things relied on the Starworms, they depleted too much, too fast. And destroyed that portion of the world. Those Without Masks moved on, and made a new city. While the Off Ones stayed. They wouldn't let GlowCo win. They stayed in and throughout the chaos. Their masks let them see, they weren't afraid to use fire as light. Both, something GlowCo couldn't do a thing about. With a old city in ruins and a new city on the rise, The two groups got farther apart with growing darkness in the world. And in their hearts." I hope everyone's having a great day!

GI30 100 249

GI30 110 256

Astronaut Music Box Version

GI30F 60 159

K15 110 192

From Princess Mononoke タタラ踏む女达 もののけ姫

GI30 65 380

Imported from 0cd1431e811febafd9b631dd3eb164e9.mid