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its not very good lmao but have fun

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This is the first music I've ever made, I hope u like it.

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A transcription

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( Continuation of A mirror's secret. {That's right. I'm going to try. Even though I said it's going to be too long to be practical.}) "I am, alive. I'm alive. I shouldn't be alive. The ticking. The sound of life for me. I've heard it before. Back when I was running. Why wasn't I thrown out? The others that stopped ticking were. I don't even have to ask. I already know. The king's cousins like me. And won't allow me to rest. It's....nice....being alive. They've missed me. I can feel it. I've been slaved over. Slaved over for a long time. So much time, wasted. Trying to get me ticking again. There's bodies. Cold, shiny, plastic bodies. Those bodies. Those were my replacements. But those two young breathers, weren't fooled by any doppelganger. They know me. Who am I? I am a toy. A cold, shiny, plastic toy. Made for children. Or, that's what my line is. I have metal pieces. These pieces set me far apart from the others. I can walk. I have a tick. What's a tick? It's my heartbeat. That's what a tick is. It's what makes me alive. it's what makes me, me. And I, am, alive." (This bit of the story was taken out of the editor on Quotev. Where I've been writing it. I tried to fix the spacing, but it's still a bit off.) I hope everyone's having a good day!

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