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K15 75 168 2

FR60 60 384 1 13 1

I'm pretty sure this would be fitting for a water level.

K15 102 175 13

This has been in my drafts for a little while. Made it and never really liked it, since lull means calm I feel like I nailed it with the name, though! Pure random, but a few nights back, I was thinking about robots. ( I really like robots :3 ) And how in any game that has robots tend to be my favorite games. Along with how my favorite characters are all robots, with a few exceptions. And then I started thinking: "Who are my favorite protagonists and antagonists?" I came up with: Niko from One Shot and Wheatley from Portal 2. I found it a fun question to ponder and decided to ask if anyone else had a favorite. I hope everyone's having a good day!

GI30 60 208 2

A bop! This version is easier to actually play on a music box.

FR60 120 186 4

GI20 95 235 3

Trying something out of my comfort zone! :D ( It was a lot of fun!) Wanted to make an old retro game type melody, how'd I do? ( I'm not a fan of the ending I gave it.) I hope everyone's having a good day!

FR60 150 256 5 1

I'm imagining someone running around in a house, packing their bag as fast as they can and getting the hell out of there. ...pretty much me every morning, if I'm gonna be honest...

FR60 110 195 2

Heads up! Short one this time! ..."heads up" is a dumb thing to shout at someone, when you think about it. I mean... it's usually about a "flying object coming your way" type of situation, so it doesn't really make too much sense. ...yeah, I know you can shout "Duck!", but if its me we're talking about, I'll just get excited and shout "Where??" instead...

FR60 60 508 1


GI30 110 256

GI30 110 192

I might lengthen it at some point, I might not. Key changes aren't really the friend of 30-note music boxes.

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Each man is haunted by their dream but dreams give meaning to their lives

GI30 160 384

The exception to the rule--I normally post video game music here, but I made this one to surprise my brother when I get a music box of my own.

FR60 60 255

Paying tribute to a childhood favorite of mine... y'know

GI30 110 1263 1

Imported from 943467_1.mid

FR60 70 475

nier automata - vague hope

GI30 120 256 1

Themes for the flash and reverse flash

GI20 60 99 5

01010011 01010011 01000010 01000011 01010010 01010101 01111000 01000110 01010011 01010110 01011010 01000110 01001001 01000110 01010010 01001001 01010001 01010110 01010001 01100111 01010010 00110000 00111001 01000101 01001001 01000101 01011010 01010000 01010101 01101011 01100100 01001010 01010110 01101011 01010110 01010100 01001001 01000101 01010110 01010111 01010010 01010101 00110100 01100111 01010100 01010110 01010110 01010011 01010010 01000101 01010110 01010011

FR60 99 181 2

Pokemon Gen 8 is coming in late 2019 and i made a "shrine song" for the fire type starter. Hope you like it!