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K15 150 703

Imported from Hanabira Rain Midi.midi

K15 150 789

Imported from Hanabira Rain Midi.midi

GI30 150 152

Imported from Hanabira Rain Midi.midi

K15 110 256

FR60 154 1322

This is imported from a midi and since this midi u... read more

GI30 90 465

Auriel's ascension from Oblivion + Secunda from Sk... read more

GI20 60 383

Slowed down version of "Umbrella" by Rihanna

FR60 96 1572

Kyoka Sugisetsu from MafuMafu. Check it out on his... read more

FR60 120 513

"Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book

GI30 102 1568

Transcribed onto a 30-notes music-box, and transpo... read more

K15 80 344

GI30 152 1949

Imported from yakusoku_wa_iranai.mid

K15 60 297

Small note to fit on 3 strips. No intro or outro.

GI30 115 216

Here's my arrangement of a holiday favorite from M... read more

GI30 60 59

Imported from Only melody.mid

GI30 80 63

Final Fantasy

GI30 110 256

First one

GI30 110 256

Idk. Go eat Poop

GI30 60 256

For the D and D campaign.

GI30 148 768

Transcribed a piano arrangement onto a 30-note mus... read more