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GI30 100 273 1

Imported from Ultimos.mid

GI30 89 302

Imported from Troye Sivan - Youth rev1.mid

GI30 120 397

Imported from GRANDFATHER`S_CLOCK.mid

FR60 96 673 6

Imported from Final Fantasy VII - Aeris' Theme.mid

GI30 110 386

For my love

K15 60 253

FR60 120 769 2

Imported from YOU_RAISE_ME_UP.mid

GI30 120 761 2

Imported from YOU_RAISE_ME_UP.mid

GI30F 75 32

Got out the old Pokepark game, and I thought this sound effect would be so nice on a music box.

GI30 120 769 2

Imported from YOU_RAISE_ME_UP.mid

GI30 110 256

K15 93 934 4

Imported from cocomole.mid

GI30 100 273 7

Imported from ultima versione.mid

K15 110 256

K15 142 619 4

Imported from brboru.mid

FR60 110 880 5

I'm not too sure about this one.. I made the original version of this over at Online Sequencer so all of the instruments being turned into musicboxes makes the melody sound kinda.. ..jumbled. And there's no drums! Which is understandable, but gosh darnit! All mah hard work! The drums weren't that impressive -but still! XD Anyways. This was actually really fun to work on (over at the other site that is.. I did shit-all here XD) so if you're interested in the other version: https://onlinesequencer.net/1276809 I'm probably just being silly but I feel like I might've come off as an asshole in this description..? If so, let me get this clear: Mbm is my home and I'll always prefer this place to any other melody-makin' place. .....Yeah, no one cares, do they? I'mma shut up now.

GI30 110 256

GI30 110 256

I made a theme by myself

GI30 120 472

Imported from Noir_OST_-_Melody_SHORT_MUSIC_BOX_VERSION.mp3.mid