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GI30 100 228 3

I don't know why it's called what it is? It was most likely just a holding name, but i'm going to keep it! This was made sometime in July, I feel some notes could be changed around and it may sound nicer? I bet that's why it was still in my drafts. I've also decided to put one of my stories on a bit of a hiatus, to focus on another one. But i'm going to give out the main plot of that story. To give a better idea of it. I might do this with you other four other ones I have if no one minds. (I still don't really have a name for it, but it's the mirror one.) You have a mirror in your house, it's been there since you moved in. Why get rid of a free mirror? So, you kept it. One day you decided to clean it. and fell through it into the world on the other side. startled by a sound, you went back through. You got scared that if you could go though, what could come out? You arranged for it to be taken away. When the people got there, they yelled at you for wasting their time. They couldn't see it. You called a friend up to see if they could. They couldn't either. You touched it again, and once again, fell through. But this time, you can't get back. The reason being the king, Heiko. Is trying to close the portals that allow the worlds to connect, due to finding out some frighting information. Closing the portals is starting a war. The king's cousins, Ivo and Lark. Which are next in line to the throne, leave the kingdom to try to find a "friend" from long ago, in hope that, that "friend" can make things better. You find that "friend" when you fall through the second time. Now it's only a matter of finding one another. I hope everyone's having a great day!

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GI20 95 180 9

I dug to the deepest depths of my drafts to find this. It was made in march. What was my plan with it? I no longer remember...Hmm... Ah, well. I found some others, too. I must have thought I could do better with them? But i'm thinking about just publishing them. I don't know. We'll see. I know I must've had an idea for this, I just don't what it was! XD That's most likely going to bother me for bit. But that's not going to change anything! I will still hope everyone's having a nice day! (I've been writing, and now my brain's too tired to make a good description. Does it show?) XD

GI30 67 255

La vie en rose Edith Piaf

K15 70 128

From the R3 Music Box version on YouTube.

K15 95 112 1

From a physical music box of this song.

GI30 100 383

Imported from Animal_Crossing_Forest_Life_Music_Box.mid

GI30 80 256 1

GI30 140 1187 1

Imported from For export (3).mid

GI30 60 169

Song from π!

K15 60 108 1

From esdemusica music boxes on YouTube.

K15 100 441 3

K15 110 256

I think its one, if not the most beautiful sonata of Beethoven. Also known as tempest 3rd movement (appear in the 2012 movie Total Recall). Sadly, the only music box i own is the kikkerland. And i cannot continue with the music, because the next phase would need to go to a higher octave, and C6 is the max this thing can go, so i can't finish this peace. Feel free to use it as you wish, once i'll get my hand on a 30 note box i'll finish it.

FR60 80 208 1 5 10

Best melody ever!

K15 85 211 3 1 41

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