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GI30 120 680 5

Classic tune from one of the iconic games for the N64. Some artistic liberties.

FR60 60 384 1 13 1

I'm pretty sure this would be fitting for a water level.

FR60 110 381 1

K15 71 209 19 36


GI20 110 256 2

From a show that was on Netflix a little while ago.

GI20 105 240 3

I let my mind wander about on this one. I hope everyone's having a nice day/night!

K15 95 238 7

Can I just say how much I adore "The Little Prince"? I know it's a book elementary children read, But I missed out on it somehow. Just recently got to read it and I must say, it's become one of my favorite stories. I hope everyone's having a great day!

K15 95 295 2

This sounds meh on a 15 note, but that's ok

FR60 130 1532 1

This was one of my favorite songs from undertale

K15 80 136

K15 86 149 1

"I was the first! And I! WILL! BE! THE! LAAAAAAAAAAST!!!"

FR60 125 384 3 2

Finally I do something just 'cause! This song was MADE for the music box.

GI30 60 208 2

A bop! This version is easier to actually play on a music box.

GI30 110 256 2

Why do I enjoy making spookier sounding melodies? P.s. I really don't know what to name these, sorry if they don't make sense.

FR60 110 515 6

I'm trying to get more motivated and wake up on time. ... ... ...woke up like four in the afternoon... welp ...I'm doing great.

FR60 148 963 10

Imported from Rozen Maiden - Bara no Jubai.mid I don't watch much anime. ( I don't really watch much of anything.) But, Rozen Maiden was a fun series. I love old clock work themes, And I just love the drawing style for it! ( I'm kinda jealous of their drawing style.) Hope you are having a good day/night!

K15 107 208 6

This sounds almost...scandalous! Like in the movies where a little orphan child is trying to get away with stealing some bread. (I don't know where I'm going with this!) I hope everyone's having a great day!

FR60 110 390 5

Monotonous... big word... big word for boring... Synonyms... pretty good to have once in a while... ...it's like 3:15 in the morning over here, I'm tired alright? G'night fellas.

FR60 130 257 7 2

Imported from Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved.mid Testing the Midi system.

K15 70 140 2

SATURDAYYYY WAIT -- if you haven't heard this song before I HIGHLY recommend it, what a bop

K15 100 144 1 2

I've never heard this song before, but it sounds great on music box.

GI30F 60 664 5

You bet this is the whole entire song. I challenge you to make it to the key change. Man, did I spend a lot of time on this one!

K15 147 1904 1 11

I love this one

GI30 110 125 2

An iconic sea shanty