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GI30 80 256 2

Uhh...This music box melody will be used in my stories so...yeah.

GI30F 160 128

レッドアリーマー - ゲームオーバー

GI30F 70 104 3

The last one I did made me think of this song... merry christmas everyone?

GI30F 145 256

ドラゴンクエスト - 王宮のロンド

FR60 110 295 5

I didn't want to take too much time making this one. Feels like it would just end up in the drafts like the other ones, y'know? So.. yep. No clue what to write here... Might as well fill some space up with unnecessary... words... and... letters... Man, I miss letters... y'know?.. Now all you get is.. one christmas-card a year and.. and bills.. I miss the good ol' letters.. :c

GI30F 66 144 1 1

GI20 98 186 4

(I'm tired.) I'm too sleepy to make a good description. Though, I can say that I can finally continue one of the stories I started. Now that I have the format worked out. I like narrative writing, with a bit of script. I'm not a fan of writing out conversations. Unless one character is the main character. Because then I can still write in someone's perspective. Now I just need to wake up. I hope everyone's having a good day! (Exult doesn't fit this melody. But I can't think of a word that does.)

FR60 100 72 1

Gloria in excelsis deo, et in terra pax hominibus. A Latin song I sung once.

GI30F 100 306

GI30 110 256 5

why did i do that? i don't even know. It took about 2 hours...

GI30F 84 392 1

クロノトリガー - 夜の底にて

FR60 110 129 5

I got back from a cruise to mexico, and now I'm sitting bored, waiting for dinner. Cheers!

GI30F 90 416

GI30F 70 276 2

No clue what the name of this song really is...

FR60 95 192 2

God-tier theme for a god-tier character.

GI30F 92 64 1

クロノトリガー - ゴンザレスのお歌

GI30F 65 136

GI30F 60 196

For the 30 note box

GI30F 90 152 1 1

I just found this song and I love it.

GI30F 92 256

レッドアリーマー - フィールド