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GI30F 60 216 1 4

Disney Frozen OST

GI30F 70 352 1 1

Japanese anime Digimon Adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー) opening song.

GI20 93 265 2

Alright, I don't really remember why I named this what it is? Ardently just means with passion. But i'm going to leave it. And, just real quick, I don't really know why I haven't published anything for awhile? It's almost been a month now. XD But, the best guess I have, is that I've been kind of keep thinking I can do better here recently? And, that's not bad, if I didn't think that way I wouldn't really be where I am skill wise? (If you could call it that.) But, something that I put in place when I first joined. Was that I wasn't going to hide anything. That's why a lot of my first melodies are a bit weird? Because I knew once I started using the draft system, I'd just keep everything in there. And, I am. I kind of forgot that this is where I learned and what you see is me learning as I go. I never didn't publish what I made, but I am now. And going to change that. This was made in august, last year of course. And this was a test. Back when I only used 20 and 15 note. I did the middle line, bottom and middle, and top, bottom and middle, then just top and middle.This really helped me oddly. It really helped me understand. Yet I never put it out. Until now. I hope everyone's having a good day!

GI30F 60 472 1 10

미츠하 테마 - 너의 이름은 三葉のテーマ-君の名は

K15 80 184 2 3

This song is so pretty.

K15 85 204 2

This song works really well on a 15 note! Surprised it's not more of a music box staple.

K15 135 128 2

This is a shorter piece

K15 70 144 1 1

You guys have got to listen to this song! Guess what language you think it's in, then look at the comments.

FR60 100 520

This one was actually a lot easier to make, I like how it turned out!

GI30F 60 160 2