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Definitely an underrated song in Super Mario Galaxy. It was only ever used in one galaxy and it was a 1 star galaxy (2 if you count the green star), so I wanted to show this song some love by recreating it as music box music. Enjoy!

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A corrupt justice, where there is none for the innocent. Sorry for being away; quarantine means D&D for me.

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A cover of Buy the stars. The full song. (If the site allowed it to go that far.) Converted by a moron that knows nothing of what they're doing trying to follow a piano tutorial. I...I really don't know if this is right. But, I need to publish it so I can download the midi, if all goes smoothly, so I can finish it! Why did I do this? Because I want to make a cover of this song with Oliver! And I couldn't find a MIDI of it, so I tried to make my own. With the help of Hugo Sellerberg. The person who made the video I followed along with! Also, it's too high! Needs to be an octave lower. But, all the notes didn't fit, and I didn't want to meddle. Because, I'm already going to have to lower the lyrical parts for Oliver to sing it. And I need all the notes for this. I guess making this here wasn't such I good plan...But, I enjoy working on this site the most!! X3 It's missing the last 20 seconds of the song......I couldn't get it to go any farther than 2048 in the length section... This saddened me...But, I NEED to finish this.There might be mistakes, feel free to point them out! But this will be worked on outside of MBM so I might already be aware of and fixed or being fixed. This is not my work. I just followed along to something. The song's not mine. This notations not mine. But the time I spent converting it here, was mine. XD Here's the video I was following along with, too! https://youtu.be/rCEfdwWooQc I hope everyone's having a nice day!! Edit: https://onlinesequencer.net/1403118

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This one was fun to make. Based on R3 Music Box's arrangement.

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It's been a while since I've done Undertale!

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Imported from Fuel_To_Fire_Music_Box_Arrangement.mid

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{Made 05/09/2019, but never posted} And yet, I consider this a more recent melody. XD My whole goal for leaning about music was so I could hopefully understand and tune Vocaloids better. And, in hopes to one day, make an original Vocaloid song. So, I've tried to make lyrical parts, and instrumental parts. But, I never really know what it ends up sounding like. I can't say I can truly judge my own melodies without just immediately thinking it sucks, or just being so ear blind to it from hearing it so much while working on it. But, yep! Two melodies today! Well....It's actually 12:01 as of writing this, so it's a new day, which means the other one was posted yesterday....Ooh....Gosh heckin' dang-it! XD Ah well... I hope everyone's having a great night or day!

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{Made on 30/05/2019, but never posted.} Lachesism, the desire to be struck by disaster. Why did I name this that? That's something only past me knows, it seems. XD Yeah, I keep saying i'm going to post my older melodies. But then I never do, it seems the only way for me to be productive is by being low-key threatened by orcas in a DM. XD All-in-all, I feel most of the melodies I made, but never posted aren't, per se, the best? But, they did teach me a lot, and got me to the very basic understanding of music I have today! Also, yes, orcas, i'm afraid of orcas, and all sea mammals if i'm to be honest. I know, it's weird, it's silly, matter of fact, if that is, indeed, what you're thinking, I actually agree with you! I do! It's strange, I know. But, I'm still scared of them. If my fear of them is enough to be considered a phobia, is something I don't know. If it's cetaphobia, or, thalassophobia. That's something I also, don't know. All I know is that i'm scared boi and it works as great motivation! I hope you're all having a great day!

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Imported from OMFG - Get Out.mid

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