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K15 110 276 1 9 12

i worked really hard on this for 2-3 days so uh yeah enjoy!

FR60 80 64 2 23


GI30 110 256

Lesbians, what wisdom can yee share with us

K15 90 193 6

XD when i actually work hard on something it doesn't sound too bad but then the rest of my melodies sound.... hmmm not so good lmao .............. i might decide to be done with the site soon what do y'all think REALLY SHOULD I LEAVE OR NO

FR60 110 128 8

I got bored so I made this short. If you want to continue this, I don't mind. Just go wild if you want to...

GI30 110 256 4 10

My favorite song.

K15 100 512

So I forced myself to make a song in Kikkerland 15...

FR60 160 1088

I tried to make a march themed song.

FR60 100 1040

Still alive...

FR60 146 1953 1

For HunnyBunzz

FR60 95 256

lost of motiviation :(

GI20 91 149

Imported from Little Big Adventure 2.mid

GI30 110 256

GI30 110 256

GI30F 100 100 5

K15 70 200 3 3

Sister location made by unknown artist

WG20 110 256

I think it sounds better in the end than the beginning but in my mind it would be a chase or going after some one and finding or catching them tell me what you think please and thankyou :)

GI30 80 128 1

Fragmento de las danzas nocturnas de Luis Gonzaga Jordá

GI30 100 256 1

Danza de Juventino Rosas

GI30 60 176 1

Canción española de Agustín Lara

GI30 100 396

This is one of the basic tunes in south Indian classical music- I learnt it years ago, but am still in love with it <3

GI30 60 102

A-section, no intro, one repetition B-section here: https://musicboxmaniacs.com/explore/melody/jim-croce-time-in-a-bottle-part-2_81636/

GI30 110 120


GI30 144 1247 1

戦刃アレスタ ステージ01