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FR60 160 1602

Composed by Grant Kirkhope

FR60 110 430

Basically means "ivy" in Swedish. That one plant... Y'know, the one with the leaves n' stuff? Such as, pretty much, every other plant...?

FR60 110 390

I was gonna call this "Heist" or something like that. Now, how did I go from Heist to Moonstruck? That's my question for today...

FR60 120 1759 2

FR60 80 356 1 4

Notes. Notes everywhere. Still need to figure out an ending. Video quality is lacking in this one. I may come back to it.

FR60 155 256 2

As the piano strings play As time ticks in hurry I still miss that day When we are all merry

FR60 120 529

K15 120 1793 1

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GI30 107 1727 1

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GI30 125 160 2

Clap You're Hands, Dangit

FR60 60 228 1

A little girl lost and alone makes friends with a talking mouse. I found some nice orchestral VSTs so now I can make cool videos like this.

FR60 72 888 10

Hello everyone! This is my very first time attempting to create my own midi file AND music box melody, so I apologize if i didn't get every detail right! I've always wanted a music box/lullaby version of this song, and I thought I'd give it a shot. Hope you enjoy!

K15 60 256

Guten Morgen meine deutsche Freunde wiiiiiiiiiiiii

GI30 120 125 1

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GI20 145 509 1

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FR60 160 433 4

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FR60 150 1177

GI30 60 256

FR60 160 1213 1 3

So I'd like to know, is this one an improvement of the other one? I'm just dying of curiosity here.

FR60 160 2048 28

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GI30 130 2000

K15 117 1318

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FR60 80 208 1 5 10

Best melody ever!

FR60 75 128 2 10