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GI30 90 256 30

GI30 110 256

GI30 60 256

FR60 88 1260

A two-day (but impulsive) project that I personally have to smash it out. "Waiting for Us" is 110% my second favourite track in Stray Kids' entire discography! This music box might be a bit sloppy (mainly near the end of the song) so apologies for that. I finally got the opportunity to use Ableton which helped make this output possible. I hope you all have a lovely day :)

K15 120 256

Shame I haven't watched it in a while.

GI30 110 256

Summer day

GI30F 70 273

GI30 60 256

sog 5

FR60 95 436 1

I bet people were waiting to hear this in music box form. But I also bet there are other versions of it already made this way. Whatever, here's mine then.

GI30 60 256

GI30 60 256

FR60 120 1244 108

Imported from Undertale_-_Megalovania_Piano_ver._3.mid

K15 85 211 3 2 87

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FR60 80 208 5 18

Best melody ever!

FR60 75 128 2 14

FR60 60 413 1 7 26

K15 110 260 1 5 16