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FR60 120 392 3

Mario tries on the wing cap and performs the triple jump (Wa! Hoohoo! Yeahoo!).

GI30 140 760 5

Short version of the classic disco fun by Boney M.

GI30F 90 408 2

Transcribed from R3 Music Box's arrangement

GI30F 95 198 2

GI20 86 200 5

Things seem to be okay now, (since it was due to weather) So I get to do melodies again! :D I missed making them. This one reminded me of an ending song. Like in a game and the story's wrapping up, the protagonist gets to go home and take a break from their tasks. An epilogue if you will. I hope everyone's having a nice day/night!

K15 72 136 2

This song has been stuck in my head for a bit ever since I sang it on ukulele. It may be a childhood staple, but it's timeless.

FR60 103 1309 2

Imported from silence1.mid

GI30F 85 168 2

GI30F 75 144 1

I love transcribing piano stuff.

GI30F 90 900 2


FR60 110 208 7

Never done this before on MBM, but it's stream of consciousness time. Here goes. Dare I call this an original? Right now it's 11:11 (on the 11th!)-- it won't show like that when I post this, but as I'm writing this it's 11:11 so bear with me. I wish this piece wasn't so chaotic; that's my 11:11 wish. But when you don't compose original music at all very often, it's hard to pick a direction and stick with it. When I hear music in my head, it's clear as if someone was playing it to me, and I wish that I could just snatch it out of the air and write it down. When I hear music in my head, my mind is moving at a million miles per hour. But my hands aren't fast enough, and the tune often dies as soon as it was born. So, moving at the pace of my computer mouse, I transcribe my ideas. I combine keys and rhythms and modes and immediately forgo all hope of consistency. I have to remind myself of consistency a lot when I make melodies on this site, which is why I forwent it for this original. Making these crappy originals gives me a break from consistency and just lets my patchwork ideas all come to fruition in one piece of music. So chaos is okay. And perhaps, with enough practice, I'll be able to focus my energy and slow my train of thought enough to create a coherent musical idea. A complete one. Stay tuned for that, if you read this far.

K15 90 270 1

I know I already said this, but I'm just so happy to be making melodies again! XD This was the first thing I made being back. I even missed the site, even though I've only been on a few other sites, this is my favorite. By far. I tried going for a circus type melody, I don't know if that's the vibe it gives though. The ending seems sadder than I wanted. I hope everyone's having a great day!

K15 120 191

Imported from Twinkle_Twinkle_Little_Star.mid

GI30F 70 704 2


FR60 75 200 37

K15 70 200

Full name of the game is "Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-" (a.k.a. "Eien no Aselia -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-"). Title screen theme. Since this could mostly fit on a musicbox with 15 notes, I took the opportunity to do so. Notes below C4 are removed.

FR60 80 768

If this interested you, check out my profile for more like it. Information and notices are listed in my profile Ah, this theme is a beauty, that's for sure, but there's something a bit poetic about it too. Let's take the octave change for the bass as a poetic statement about letting go, rather than a mistake, ha! Anyways, this piece is beautiful, and I couldn't help myself, hope you enjoy it as much as I do :) Time spent: 4 hours

GI30F 60 72 1

I transcribed this a long time ago, and it's time now to do it for my box. Love this song.

GI30F 60 208

Straight outta childhood. Adapted from AlessandroRT's music box version on Soundcloud.

K15 160 2048

Imported from BTS__-_Mikrokosmos_.mid

GI30 110 125

FR60 80 208 1 5 10

Best melody ever!