Flight of The Hoba Meteorite

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28/12/2020 14:27

An original song I wrote after being inspired by learning more about the amazing Hoba Meteorite! A Behemoth of a shooting star must have been seen the night it arrived to take its final rest in West Hoba. What a cosmic show! More info can be read about it below!

The Hoba[1] (/ˈhoʊbə/ HOH-bə) meteorite, short for Hoba West, is a meteorite that lies on the farm of the same name, not far from Grootfontein, in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. It has been uncovered but, because of its large mass, has never been moved from where it fell. The main mass is estimated at more than 60 tonnes.[1] It is the largest known intact meteorite (as a single piece)[2] and about twice as massive as the largest fragment of either the Cape York meteorite's 31-tonne Ahnighito kept in Manhattan or the Campo del Cielo's 31-tonne Gancedo in Argentina. It is also the most massive naturally occurring piece of iron (actually ferronickel) known on Earth's surface. The name "Hoba" comes from Khoekhoegowab word meaning "gift".[3] It saw, on donation to the government, in 1987, its visitor centre's construction and its circular stone seating/steps area.