Vivi - Sage's Foretell Within Hell Dwell The Nobel Spell Bell

Full range 60
03/01/2021 21:15

Sage's Foretell Within Hell Dwell The Nobel Spell Bell
From grace one of many gods, choir had fell
The angels that fell to hell had done so by choice
with Them he came they say, he had brought a bell
it had the essence of an angels voice
the sheen of a diamond finely cut
it was clearly made of great taste and
invoked envy and lust
yes a fine Bell indeed, but for what?!
They say he would make you take this bell
and play a song true and nobel a song from the heart
but that's not the end my friend oh no thats just the start!
For when the bell rang in its truest of forms
it could calm even a demons hellish horns
tame the hearts of things most wicked and fallen from grace
to rise from the ashes into their many gods grace.
What god would depend on the subjectivity of the player
it was all abstract potentials awaiting their intent
it was the act observation within the situation
that was what decided the path they had went
So the bell was passed down through many
generations and through the very ages
from father to son, mother to daughter
one and all of them, Born to be Sage's