Helena's melodies

FR60 110 455 10 1

I really like Robobermann's melody "HEY!" so I thought I'd try to make it longer out of curiosity. (Hope you don't mind man) Welp...first time I copied a melody and I feel a tad bit gross :D


FR60 110 595 7

Alright, so... I've felt like shit for quite a while now. Which is the main reason to why I haven't been uploading too much. I'm not really feeling sad, at least not if I constantly keep myself occupied with watching videos and all of that, but it's more so the feeling of being "empty" y'know. ...which isn't really a feeling. It's a pain in the ass though. My sleep schedule is all messed up and I find it difficult to get motivated in general. Even writing all of this makes me feel selfish or, at least, like an "attention-seeker" or something. I just don't want to seem distant since this is one of the few places where I always feel like I can be my genuine self. So yeah, you guys are seriously the greatest. ❤ Sorry for the rant by the way. :P And I am getting help, just so you know. So, no worries. :)

FR60 110 855 1 207

WHOA! Why did I use up all of my energy to musicbox-ify this, you wonder? BECAUSE JOHN POWELL, GODDAMNED IT! I DON'T THINK YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OUT OF BREATH WHEN TYPING IN ALL CAPS, YET HERE WE ARE! ... ... ...birds? ... ... ...I think I might be a tad bit sleep deprived...

FR60 110 520 8

I'm just imagining a curious little girl searching through drawers and cabinets in an old house, remembering something awful that happened in her past.

FR60 110 195 2

Heads up! Short one this time! ..."heads up" is a dumb thing to shout at someone, when you think about it. I mean... it's usually about a "flying object coming your way" type of situation, so it doesn't really make too much sense. ...yeah, I know you can shout "Duck!", but if its me we're talking about, I'll just get excited and shout "Where??" instead...

FR60 110 640 7 3

Welp... ...isn't this repetitive... ...meh...

FR60 135 1825 1 16

Alright... so if you haven't checked Kan Gao's games out, you've been missing out on some heart-wrenching yet beautiful shit. He's great! :D Also, I've always wanted to musicbox-ify this melody since it's one of my favorites of his.

FR60 110 515 6

I'm trying to get more motivated and wake up on time. ... ... ...woke up like four in the afternoon... welp ...I'm doing great.

FR60 110 135 2

Pretty short one this time. Possibly might make more of it maybe. Top-notch grammar right there^

FR60 110 720 6

I know it's been like a month since I last posted a melody. Just haven't been feeling that great. I'll try to post more often. :)

FR60 100 835 6 6

My brother asked me if I could "music-box-ify" this and I was up for it. ...little did I know, making this would take a long-ass time... But I feel like it's somewhat finished now.. so... there ya go. :] Also... Please, look up the original one (in the library) on Epidemic Sound for your own sake. It's incredible.

FR60 100 145 1 2

...traditional Swedish Christmas song seemed fitting at the moment... Here's some of the lyrics: Staffan var en stalledräng, vi tackom nu så gärna, han vattna' sina fålar fem, allt för den ljusa stjärna. Ingen dager synes än, stjärnorna på himmelen de blänka. God Jul

FR60 150 256 5 1

I'm imagining someone running around in a house, packing their bag as fast as they can and getting the hell out of there. ...pretty much me every morning, if I'm gonna be honest...

FR60 110 32 1

But... but why? Why did I frantically blast through a bunch of Mario death sound effects just to find this one, only to spend like ten minutes listening to it in slow motion so that I could make a melody out of it...? Time well spent. :3

FR60 110 390 5

Monotonous... big word... big word for boring... Synonyms... pretty good to have once in a while... ...it's like 3:15 in the morning over here, I'm tired alright? G'night fellas.

FR60 110 630 2

Some parts of this are a bit similar to another melody I've made in the past (Bedtime Story). Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing... eh...

FR60 145 1205 1 4 1

Heck yeah! Finally! Check out the original one if you've been living under a rock. ...it's animated n' stuff :D

FR60 110 455

Well... ... ...I've got nothing. ... ... ... Merry Christmas?

FR60 110 1060 2 3

Took about three weeks but I'm finally done. :] I believe this is the first time I've made an extension to one of my melodies.

FR60 110 485 5

I'll most likely do more of this.

FR60 110 165 2

Feel free to come up with a mashed up name for this...

FR60 110 520

Pretty repetitive, isn't it? Lets just blame it on some weird-ass buildup.

FR60 110 695 4

It has been over two weeks since I posted the last melody. Either time's moving fast or I'm slacking. :P Probably the latter...

FR60 100 410 2

I feel like I'm obligated to write something here, but my brain feels like an egg which you think is hard-boiled, but you realise it isn't when you try to slice it and the yolk is just a puddle. :C Did that make any sence whatsoever? Nope. You see what I mean?

FR60 120 155 1 4

Yep, it's this one. I don't think I have to explain too much about this...wacky... masterpiece...?

FR60 110 430 2

This melody has been in my head for a long-ass while now. So, it was bound to happen at some point.

FR60 110 390 4

Hey! It's been a while hasn't it? So, if anyone even cares, in my book "summer -time" means "going to the countryside to visit the family -time". ...aaand "being at the countryside" means "no wifi avalible"! :D Doesn't really bother me too much if I'm gonna be honest. It's just the reason to why I'm not uploading my crap too often. Soon though...

FR60 110 390 2 1

I was gonna call this "Heist" or something like that. Now, how did I go from Heist to Moonstruck? That's my question for today...

FR60 110 320 2 2

It's basically two melodies in one. Man, what an offer! :D

FR60 110 430 5

Basically means "ivy" in Swedish. That one plant... Y'know, the one with the leaves n' stuff? Such as, pretty much, every other plant...?