ItsMelody's melodies

GI30 110 256

a short peace of a song.

FR60 120 256

4 May+ Emsy Sky-children of light

K15 60 464 1

for Allen-sky children of light.

FR60 110 256

CHAOS... >:)

FR60 100 300

FR60 117 75

play the real song, its cool

GI30 110 256

when i need something to listen to it is the song "feeling Wonky?" i love it and made it on here. just a small part though.

GI30 110 256

this is a song that has no base, so feel free to copy it and make a base... i'm not very good at that.... Lol :)

GI30 110 256

This is how i felt/how my day went today... O-0

GI30 110 256

this song is my first, it is not based off any songs, or musicals, it was just something I made for fun :)