Pythagoras's melodies

FR60 120 1322 1

a medley of smb3 jams

FR60 108 373

this ones from smb1 on the Nes game console, I arranged it and decored it a bit for the sake of music box playback) Enjoy!

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From The SNES Game.

FR60 60 685

Ennio Morricone: Gabriel's Oboe (did this one quick for a fellow Music Box Maniac, Enjoy!)

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what a nice music box this turned out to be.

GI20 65 2048

The Mixolydian mode is the 5th mode of the major scale as it is derived from the 5th note of the major scale. It's is also sometimes referred to as a dominant scale because the 5th degree of the major scale is called the dominant. ... To play a Mixolydian scale you can play all the white keys from G to G on a piano

FR60 62 2048 1 1

a classic to be sure.

FR60 60 344

I arranged it to be super full range and slower bpm cuz i can and i did thats why lol

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A Clocks Music Box For You!

FR60 85 1289 1

Andrew Lloyd Webbers Cats Song Memory.

FR60 60 912 17

Arrangement of Beethoven's fur Elise

FR60 70 2002

This is a little mashup for fun of undertales megalovania and metallicas nothing else matters.

FR60 60 1786 2

A slower and darker feeling, version of nothing else matters by Metallica.

FR60 60 1005


FR60 100 399


GI30 60 470

looked like someone was working on this one. Thought I would help out.

FR60 120 2027 1 3 12

Based on Johann Sebastian Bach Ave Maria, composition over the 1st Prelude of the Well-tempered Clavier

FR60 67 597 31

Sparkle -Your name Music Box

FR60 95 587 14

Music Box By Martin Molin (Wintergaten)

FR60 150 319

Marble Machine X

FR60 90 1543 1 3

From Oliver the song reviewing the situation.

FR60 60 479 1 1

A Music Box Arrangement of "The Poet Speaks"

FR60 85 440

The Poet Speaks Music Box.

FR60 90 2048

Reminiscences de Don Juan.

FR60 100 1280 1 5 1

This is an original song i composed today after being inspired by Neil Tysons "Star Talk" Some Context: In the microgravity environment of space, astronauts lose on average 1% to 2% of their bone mineral density every month. ... Just like muscles, if you don't use your bones, they will weaken. Bone loss occurs in the weightless environment of space because bones no longer have to support the body against gravity.

FR60 160 1025

Based On Disneys Duck Tales Main Theme.

FR60 105 769

based on the duck tales song the moon.

FR60 125 1365 24

Mario Main Theme @ reduced Tempo/bpm

FR60 130 2048

This is a slow very arranged and modified version of the wintergaten marble machine song i wrote this midi to be played on the in game harp for guild wars 2 but it doubles as a very nice music box as well so i thought I would share it here also.

FR60 125 1019 2 3

arranged in 2 octaves this is a music box style song to begin with so it adapts nicely.