Robobermann's melodies

FR60 60 384 1 13 1

I'm pretty sure this would be fitting for a water level.

GI30F 80 322

It must be lonely, getting lost in an ice castle.

FR60 60 536

This one is kinda weird. Hopefully in a good way.

FR60 80 801 2

I was humming this in the shower and my sister complained I was being super loud

FR60 80 449 1

A continuation of my beloved melody, "Trail of the Shooting Star".

GI30F 110 408 1 3

Sorry I haven't been uploading much. I've been busy working on non-musical projects.

FR60 80 520 1

Cringey story incoming: A mountain climber is trapped in an ice cave with a broken leg. He takes off his pack and lays on his back, waiting for cold to take him. He hears something through the sound of blowing snow. A hopeful sound. Would they know he's here? Helicopter blades are near. He finds a flare gun in his pack and fires it through where he fell. The helicopter rebounds, and the mountain climber's life is saved. When I showed this to my sister she said she was waiting for the bass to drop, but it never did.

FR60 60 228 1

A little girl lost and alone makes friends with a talking mouse. I found some nice orchestral VSTs so now I can make cool videos like this.

FR60 80 356 6 1

Notes. Notes everywhere.

GI30F 60 332 1 1

The video sounds better I think. In the interest of adding some spice to this melody, I'll write a description (woah!). So my friend was making a game for the Oregon Game Project Challenge and he was running out of time to finish, so he asked me if I would be interested in writing some music, so I was like "sure." So that's why this exists. It's supposed to be a haunted house type game so... I don't think this sounds haunted housey enough. PS: Does anyone else get the urge to listen to their melodies continuously for hours after they are published? I"m writing this at literally 1 am and I've been listening for hours already.

FR60 90 320

GI30 110 384

GI30 110 435

Not a big fan of the transition in this one. Oh well.

FR60 60 192 1

FR60 65 128

FR60 110 199 1

Memes for giggles. Respect for Helena ;)

FR60 125 259 1 1

FR60 60 132

GI30 100 192 8

Just some changes to the original. My sis really likes Harry Potter so I may as well.

FR60 100 300

Sounds good on GI30F with some edits

GI30 60 91

Among my favorite games

FR60 90 470

The second half of this gives me the chills.

FR60 140 437

I didn't do this myself.

K15 60 64 3

Thought it could use a little something.

GI30 160 195