erin's melodies

FR60 125 384 1 2

Finally I do something just 'cause! This song was MADE for the music box.

GI30 60 208 1

A bop! This version is easier to actually play on a music box.

K15 100 144 1 2

I've never heard this song before, but it sounds great on music box.

K15 80 136 7 1

Every time I do a song on here, I learn a little more about arranging songs for music box, and it's kinda cool. Today I learned that sometimes, it's not about being accurate in regards to the relative position of the harmony to the melody (whether above or below), and more about keeping the melody's range intact. I've been on here for a year, but you can never know it all.

K15 80 136

K15 95 295 2

This sounds meh on a 15 note, but that's ok

K15 72 294 1 2

I enjoyed making this one a lot more than I thought I would! A very pretty and sad sounding song.

K15 90 136

K15 70 140 2

SATURDAYYYY WAIT -- if you haven't heard this song before I HIGHLY recommend it, what a bop

K15 60 120 1

I wanted to try a flowy background instead of just chords, like the other versions of this song on here...

GI30F 60 664 5

You bet this is the whole entire song. I challenge you to make it to the key change. Man, did I spend a lot of time on this one!

K15 85 232 3

So happy I got to do this one, I love this song!

K15 90 294 2

GI20 75 184 2

I've never arranged for a 20 note before, so this was fun!

K15 90 200 2