kshadow4life's melodies

FR60 75 256

i used an app on my phone it has a thing where i can whistle and i got this just i made it slower :)

FR60 95 272 6

ok its getting there and im learning stuff i figured out tempo rhythm and melody type!!!

GI30 120 256 2 1

i tried my best to copy it a few notes are different

GI30 110 111 3

"My take on this spooky melody! Thought I might have some fun with it." thats what erin said lol fun he did have because this is like the christmas edition of it lol

GI30 110 256 8

this sounds like something when u are getting chased or something like that

GI30 110 111 3

cloned from test 3 ok thanks to help from alpha-1 i think this i getting really close i like this i really like it so what do u all think? and thank u again alpha-1

GI30 110 100

thanks to alpha 1 for helping out feedback is appreciated

GI30 110 256 15

dont know that down there

GI30 110 246 93

dont know what that stuff means below lol