Bewinner DIY Music Box Kit 30 Note Tape Hand Crank Music Box Movement+ Hole Puncher+20 Papar Tapes DIY Make Your Music Tool Kit

Description: Love music boxes but never seem to be able to find the music you really want? Look no further, with this mechanical music box set, you can create the music box you've always wanted. The music box is operated by turning the hand crank as the music strip is feed through the music box movement. BlankĀ music strips and a hole puncherĀ are included in order to write your own music in minutes.
Specifications: Note: 30 Material: Zinc alloy, metal, paper Tapes Size: 66 x 7cm / 26 x 2.75" Weight: 485g(approx.)
1, Use hole puncher to punch holes on paper tape to write music. Then inset the tape end with arrow mark into the music box movement.
2, Rotate the crank clockwise and you will hear the music a few seconds later.
3, When music is over, keep on rotating crank till paper tape comes out.
Note: 1. Volume is small, it need to be fixed in an appropriate box or case to expand the volume. 2. Fix the movement with 2 or 3 screws in toys or gifts which has screw holes. 3. Use proper glue to fix. 4. You will need some music knowledge to write music on tapes.
Package Includes:
1 x Hand Crank Music Movement
1 x Hole Puncher
20 x Blank Strip Tapes
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