With our online music box melody editor you can create custom music box melodies, share them on the web, export to MP3, MIDI, PDF print outs and play them on DIY paper strip music boxes. The editor supports MIDI file import, so you can use other music software like REAPER, Ableton or Soundtrap to make your melodies. Please check out melody requests page if you need help with making a melody or if you would like to offer help to other users.


  • Why some of my notes are red?
  • Those are repetitive notes positioned too close to each other. DIY music boxes won't be able to play them due to technical limitations of the mechanism
  • Is there a physical 60 note music box?
  • No, unfortunately it does not exist. This format is intended to be used for online melodies
  • Can I select and duplicate a part of the melody?
  • No, this feature is not available. Please consider making a MIDI file in another app and import it to our editor
  • I don't see any way to download a PDF, where is it?
  • Export options are available after publishing
  • Can I set an offset to start playback from a certain point?
  • Yes, there is a context menu on right mouse button
  • I'd like to ask you something else, where can I do it?
  • You are welcome to use our forum

Play Unlimited MBM Melodies on a Mechanical Music Box (Muro Box-N40)

Want to know the sound quality? How to use the app? What are the songs in their library? Everything you wish to know is answered in the following online testing instruction.

You will be surprised to see how you can remotely control the prototype of Muro Box-N40 Sublime/ Standard in Muro Box Team’s office located in New Taipei City, Taiwan!

  1. Download the free app “Muro Box” from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Login the App with Account and Password shown in the stream.
  3. Remember to turn on your speaker from the screen of the live stream window. Check out thousands of melodies shared by their global music box community.

** To get the best experience, use a desktop or second phone to watch the live stream video when your mobile is operating the Muro Box app.


  • Multiple note scales for most common DIY paper strip music boxes
  • Playback start offset, insert and delete bars (right click!)
  • Shift, expand and narrow notes options
  • Editing history with a possibility to roll back and switch between versions at any time
  • MIDI files import with tracks preview
  • Export to PDF, MIDI, MP3, DXF and SoundTrap
  • Full screen mode

How to use it






Cut strips
Punch holes


Play offline
DIY music box