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GI20 98 205

"Why?" "Why would they mention you? How did they know you, if you didn't know them?" "Why?" "It's one thing being called at an odd hour of the night. It's another being told that someone died. It's something hardly fathomable that whoever they were knew you, and you were the only one mentioned in the will." "It's something so unsettling to go to a funeral for someone you don't know. It's disturbing being handed the deed to a house for someone you never met. It's weird reading the name on the mail box that doesn't mean a thing to you. It's odd for this not to be a misunderstanding. It's strange knowing that this person has been in the hospital for three years with not a soul inside their house. yet there's not a speck of dust to be found. All the rooms are reasonably bare. You head upwards, to what would be an attic. Where what should be boxes of things long forgotten. Is a library, at least two stories tall. with numerous amounts of oddities. I hope everyone's having a good day!

FR60 64 712

From the UT AU Dusttale. Original midi, song, And AU belongs to their rightful owners. Check out the fangame: https://gamejolt.com/games/dusttale/308853

FR60 91 114

Imported from when my eyes close midi.mid

GI30F 114 271 2

Imported from firestone short.mid

GI30F 120 2048

Imported from Undertale_Piano_Medley.mid

GI30F 70 708 27

Imported from His_Theme.mid

FR60 120 2048 3

Imported from Undertale_Piano_Medley.mid

GI30F 120 2048 1

Imported from Undertale_Piano_Medley.mid

GI30 100 150 18

Original by vladimirpak

K15 100 152

GI30 110 256 1

K15 90 80

Imported from Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet.mid

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Imported from synedoche US_1183266_1.mid

GI30F 65 80 2

GI30 85 132 2

A classic Beatles song for the GI30 :)

FR60 160 789

Imported from StarFox-VenomBase.mid

FR60 80 296 1

K15 108 94

I sadly haven't been able to find any hollow knight songs on this site, so I decided to make one from the game! It is the song that plays in the hidden nursery room in the white palace. I hope you all enjoy it! -SewerScream

GI30 80 157

La Vie En Rose

K15 60 242

The Lumineers - Classy Girls

GI30 60 125

Khalid - Angels