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send help

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Based on a melody from the 1977 film with music from Karel Svoboda.

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I did not create this piece, I only distributed it to this music box platform via fan-made midi file. The making of the original midi file goes to 473glenn on YouTube.

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Double Trouble - Harry Potter

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Just testing the site so wonderful :D

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Based on a melody from the film "Howl's Moving Castle" with music by Joe Hisaishi.

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Thank you

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(Oppish: Dropagoponop (pronounced drop-ag-op-an-op) The word for dragon in Oppish.) (Was made, 09/08/2019 and never posted.) The reason for it never being posted, I feel doesn't need explained! XD But, mainly, I hate it. It's loud, all over the place, and just, I don't like it. I really don't! Maybe it's not all that bad? Maybe it's just my head? That, I can't say I know. But, it was only a test that went too far. I made it and didn't like it, thought it was missing something. Decided to repeat the melody above it. Thought it was too high. So I repeated the melody below it. Thought it was too low. Decided to put it BOTH places! And regretted it dearly! XD And then I hid it deep in the depths of my draft folder. But, I've said this a lot now, that I don't wish to hide my mistakes or anything like that. Because my whole account is me learning about melody and music making. So, i'm going to try to post my older stuff more. Even though I don't like a lot of it! XD Also, this is the melody I took a screen shot of and used as a background for my tumblr. Annnd...I absolutely wasn't threatened with photos of Orcas if I didn't post a melody in a certain amount of time...No, wasn't threatened at all...Orcas and other sea-mammals don't scare me at all...And no one told me he'd start posting them to a DM if I didn't post this... XD I hope everyone's having a great day!!

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Made for a friend

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My first attempt at anything

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