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GI20 110 201

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GI30 110 256


GI30F 90 240

GI20 69 463

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K15 100 256 6

Glory to Hong Kong

GI30 100 253

GI30 136 1643

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FR60 120 1410 1

Took me a while to find a song to do, but I like how this one turned out. Took longer than I thought, but it sounds amazing.

GI30 110 256

GI30 130 522 10

An abridged version of music by Wim Mertens

K15 60 401

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K15 120 45

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GI30 110 784

GI30 112 797 1

GI30 120 253

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GI30 75 256 1

Imported from Monody.mid Summer in the hills - those hazy days I do remember. We were running still, had the whole world at our feet. Watching seasons change - our roads were lined with adventure. Mountains in the way couldn't keep us from the sea! Here we stand, open arms! This is home where we are, Ever strong in the world that we made... I still hear you in the breeze, see your shadows in the trees: Holding on, memories never change.

GI30 160 223 1

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GI30 160 223

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GI30 60 1026 22

GI30 120 223 1

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