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GI30 115 340

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GI30F 110 256

A music box rendition of the song by Mothy (Akuno-P).

K15 145 256

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K15 60 385

John Legend - All of me (15 notes) I can help you to create custom notation for your DIY music box. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/a76222cd1b Record professional Music Box audio track https://www.fiverr.com/s2/ff709feccf Visit my website: http://www.kazantsev.net/music-box

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GI30 110 253

GI30 110 256

Because we're us

GI30 128 2001

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GI20 100 330 3

So, I had an idea. ( I'm not too sure how to word this.) You know how you can only place six notes on one line? Well, For some reason. I got it in my head to use as many as I could. BUT. While still having it sound presentable. ( I only made it to five. I failed.) I have no excuses for the insanity I made. XD All in all though, I do feel that this was a good thing. I really feel that I got a better grasp on making melodies due to it. So, Yay? I hope everyone's having a nice day!

K15 60 161 2

A little detail, for you... cuz I luv u... <3

GI30 136 767 2

Corrected fast tempo notes

K15 86 213 3

last stanza + chorus(tweaked)

K15 86 213 3

last stanza + chorus(tweaked)