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FR60 95 438

Got this idea from his Space Ace video. Jontron and his theme are by Jonathan Aryan Jafari (Jon's real name) and DECTalk. The midi is by an Anonymous User who did not list their username. This is by me.

GI30 80 279

for alpaca text

GI30 110 256

GI30 110 256

GI30F 60 136

GI30F 100 136

FR60 90 579

Imported from Elfman. Danny - This Is Halloween___WWW.MIDISFREE.COM.mid

K15 120 159

Imported from Tomb Raider.mid

K15 120 141

Imported from Smile.mid

K15 160 32

I think it's time to duel

K15 70 256

FR60 90 574

i would say the midi i made on Online Sequencer sounded alot better than this abomniation lol