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GI30 110 246

K15 118 256

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(Continuation of Dreaming Takes Courage) " You peer down the stairs, partly out of curiosity and horror. What are you going to find in a secret basement? Your curiosity beats all your logic saying to go back to bed. You didn't bring a light, yet, somehow you don't seem to mind. You make your way down the stairs clinging to the wall as you go. Towards the bottom you bump, what turned out to be, a light switch. The room fills with fairly dim light. You see a small room, with more bottles hanging from the ceiling, and a small desk with newspapers all around it. A lone glass bottle sits on the desk, With a note. This one, unlike all the other bottles, has no opening. You pull the rock from your pocket. 'Guess this will be handy after all.' You say to yourself. You smash the bottle open and retrieve the note. The ink is smudged in some places:" "My Dear, ≯҉̴̕>̡͜҉͏̨'̶̵͟-̕͝=́͞͡;̷͞[̨͘͠'̸̸̵̕,͡͏̵̢͠/̶͟҉͜/̸̸̸̛͝ I think we all know what has happened if you're reading this. Your =̶͟͞[̷̸̛̕͠.̶́̕͘/̸͘͏.̶͘*͏̷̶%̀̕͠ Brought you to me when you were quite young, I hope you remember me still. They said your condition would do better out here, away from the city. You Cried when -̡̧̕͟͞=̴̡[͢͠.̸̴́͜/̴̢͞#̸̷́͟͠^̵̢͘͞.̧͝͝'̵̢͟͡;҉̸͝/̴̡͏͢͡ left you here with me. -̡̧̕͟͞=̴̡[͢͠.̸̴́͜/̴̢͞#̸̷́͟͠^̵̢͘͞.̧͝͝'̵̢͟͡;҉̸͝/̴̡͏͢͡ was a journalist at the time, cutting out there headlines was the only thing you liked. Other than the window seat and the clock. =̶͟͞[̷̸̛̕͠.̶́̕͘/̸͘͏.̶͘*͏̷̶%̀̕͠ wanted to send you to a boarding school. I said it was too soon, you weren't better yet. They didn't care. -̡̧̕͟͞=̴̡[͢͠.̸̴́͜/̴̢͞#̸̷́͟͠^̵̢͘͞.̧͝͝'̵̢͟͡;҉̸͝/̴̡͏͢͡ took you away from me later that year. I knew it would come back. This house has been in our family for 7 generations. It is your's now. Take time to heal my little ≯҉̴̕>̡͜҉͏̨'̶̵͟-̕͝=́͞͡;̷͞[̨͘͠'̸̸̵̕,͡͏̵̢͠/̶͟҉͜/̸̸̸̛͝ ." "You finish reading and start to cry. You remember them. You remember them well. They cared, and still care about you more than anyone else you know. Even in death. They care."

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Magic Knight Rayearth Op1

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Dan Dan Kokoro Hitareteku, Dragon Ball GT Opening

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Blue Bird - Anime Naruto Shippuden

GI30 110 192

I might lengthen it at some point, I might not. Key changes aren't really the friend of 30-note music boxes.

GI30 110 256

pos eso

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Crimson blood from the fallen knights that came before you stain the tallest tower of the abandoned castle. You were warned to stay away, but the thrill of battle drew you near. Instant fear and regret wash over you as black wings descend from the sky. Some of my melodies immediately sound sour to me after I publish them. I'm glad I can be proud of this one.


FR60 110 256