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I borrowed the first couple notes of Helena's "Hey" melody to make this. Hope you don't mind shorter melodies. Despite trying for way too long, I couldn't think of a way to continue this that I liked. I think it could work well for a victory fanfare or something like that.

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Pachuca Sunrise

FR60 74 286

A piece written for my first-born. Composed in 6/8.

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The low notes about 3/4 of the way through the song is supposed to be a violin

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A PDF of this for your DIY music box is gonna come in handy when someone really annoys you. You'll be able to get them back!

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This is my sad and spoopy take on the chorus of Alejandro, that will make you wonder: What did Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto do to deserve all that?

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Rewrite for Grand Illusions 30

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The first time I composed music :)))) Hope that you'll love this melody!

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100 Days My Prince OST (9`・ω・)9

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