an end, once and for all - Mass Effect 3

Full range 60
17/07/2017 19:25

Full range version of Mass Effect 3 epic final song.

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This rewrote some bits if Torby Brand's arrangement for piano, which I have played for myself a lot of times. I really loved it and as I recently played the whole Mass Effect series again, I wanted to create this for music box. I will upload a video soon, where I will play this on my music box. My channel name is linked in my profile description so definitely check it out if you are interested. I actually wrote this in musescore and I will upload it there as well, I just imported the MIDI file here. There may be some mistakes in it, but I didn't see any so far. And I think it is possible to set the note distance at half the length, I don't know why it imported it like that. That way you only need half as much paper