Full range 60
08/07/2021 04:21

Is there any way I could make it sound more professional? Any tips on how I should arrange the baseline, or melody, or perhaps both?

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Kaleidiope on July 9, 2021, 5:22 a.m.

The thing I feel that helped me, was just learning the basics. Mainly keys.
I believe this site defaults to the key of C major? (Which means sharps and flats are grayed out. The notes with a # in them.)

There should be twelve keys, in an octave. (And octave being all the notes that share the same number.)
There is 7 white keys, and 5 blacks keys. (Like on a piano)
And the different keys will depend on which ones are greyed out. (From my basic understanding, there'll only be seven notes in use for each different key.)

Messing around on Online Sequencer helped a lot with that. Because it'll grey out the notes that shouldn't be used in the selected key.

I feel that's a good beginning point, personally!
But, hey, I still don't know what I'm even doing. And also, I'm dearly sorry if you already knew all that!
All-in-all, I wish you the best of luck!

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