FNaF Sister Location OST- Demolition Inevitable

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16/07/2019 00:36

Hey! If you are a Five Nights at Freddy's fan, you might have already heard this music before. It comes from another secret cutscene from FNaF Sister Location which you can only see after beating the hardest custom night mode from the game. It plays with a piano (and one of those instruments used to make horror movies, I guess.) while one of the characters speak to William Afton. Maybe you should search for it. It is my favorite easter egg.

I actually didn't come to this just to create that music. I just decided to enter (Because "why not") and create something after seeing that you could publish musics, and there wasn't this song that suits very well with a music box in my opinion.

Anyways, I might have taken more than 2 hours to re-create it from the piano notes.
It is not a perfect music box replica.
Neither this nor the original music has copyrights, so feel free to use it and please leave a like so I know that someone heard "my" work!