Ib- Mary's Theme

Full range 60
01/07/2019 08:32

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FR60 90 264 3

Mary's Theme, Puppet, from Ib, the 2012 Indie RPG Maker Horror Game. Original Music by: EX Industry This was made based on what I heard from ear after listening to the original song on repeat so there may be a few minor mistakes here and there. If there are any other variants of the same song posted on here that sound nearly identical it is because we followed the same source. No clones were made on my end and I spent hours listening and putting down the notes.

GI30 90 264 3

Transcribed onto a music-box. All 36 E♭4 (D♯4) were removed due to constraints of playable notes (and I decided not to transpose them). In the middle section, there's 14 of them, so it may sound a bit like it's missing notes, because it is missing notes.

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erin on July 8, 2019, 8:10 p.m.

Wow, this is nostalgic! Love this game.

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