Por Una Cabeza

Full range 60
28/05/2020 13:42

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WOO. Okay lads, I'm back for my annual compositions. This one was a warm up to remind me of how to use the darn website, and to dust off my music theory. Overall, I like some parts of it but really found some chords just gross. Publishing it anyways so I can work on a new project. It's not appalling to the ear, there's just ways it can be improved, as is applicable to literally everything else on my profile.
Anyways, I've been very into latin-y, tango style songs as of late, and this one has always been a fun classic. I played it before on violin and the high notes sing when you play them just right.
Either way. I'm back for the season, and I look forward to whatever my next project is, and hope you do as well.

inspired by this sheet: https://musescore.com/azaeln/porunacabeza
Time spent: ~3 hr 50 min
Edit: I went back and changed some things, so really more like 4 hr 15 min