Chrispy-Audioshi's melodies

GI30 80 198

Music box lines from my most recent song's chorus! "My soul, it comes alive, for just this night. I realize it's only now. I do surmise a lack of meaning to come, from what I do, the day by day -- the black and grey -- the solitude, this mental cage. I do surmise a lack of meaning for me."

GI30 90 255 2

Heyo! Here's the GI30 arrangement for the main music box lullaby of the first tune in my retro Yoshi's Island inspired album, Audioshi Isle! Composed by me, Chrispy, in June 2016. Here's the tune! Originally for music box, and this arrangement is a bit different from the track. Thanks for listening! :D

GI30 125 108

Here's my arrangement of the often described "Ray of Hope" excerpt from Ralph Vaughan William's powerful and dark 6th Symphony, Movement No.1. He's among my favorites.

GI30 90 192 1

Here's my GI30 arrangement of Toby Fox's "Temmie Village Theme" from Undertale! I cut out a lot of repeats for the sake of practicality and brevity, making it good for a short loop with little paper, yayA

GI30 145 299

Here's my arrangement of the Paper Mario Mini Boss Theme composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko. It's the roughest arrangement of mine since many notes are unsynchronized in the original tune. Yay

FR60 160 140 2 1

oh boy. it's the clone of the clone of the what the fuck ,

FR60 160 784

Here's an arrangement of the LV1 theme from Super Mario Land! Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka.

FR60 110 192 1

Heyo. Here's a tune I composed in 2013 for an assignment in a college music class, yup. This one's in full-range F# Maj. I made a video to highlight this tune in particular since it's one that conjures good memories. Rejoice! © ChrispyNBC 2015

GI30 110 192 1

Heyo. Here's the GI30 version of my 2013 tune from a music class. I went from F# to C to complete it. Rejoice! @ ChrispyNBC 2015

GI30 130 380 1

Heyo. Here's my arrangement for the Super Mario Bros. 2 Ending by Koji Kondo! It's a short and sweet tune. Attached is a quick performance of mine of this tune on a Celesta, a keyboard instrument with a music-box-like sound, ya.

GI30 160 340 3

...through a ruckus that may dismay, a melody has its say midway...

GI30 80 335 2

Hiya. Here's the arrangement for Kazumi Totaka's K.K. Ballad from "Animal Crossing." These old tunes make me reminisce.

GI30 120 135

Here's my GI30 arrangement for the map theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Composed by Koji Kondo, oh yes.

FR60 120 344 1

Here's a full range arrangement of the Hags' Potion Shop theme from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, yaya. Composed by Koji Kondo.

FR60 120 480 1

Here's a full range arrangement for the Deku Palace Theme from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! Composed by Koji Kondo, yaya

GI30 115 216 21

Here's my arrangement of a holiday favorite from Mariah Carey, "All I want for Christmas is You." I made this for GI30 in the key of C, because the original G key would conflict. It's also made to repeat, yep. [tryin to keep it practical]

K15 130 130

Here's an arrangement of the requested tune for K15, yaya! Since it's for K15 as specified, it has that major key flair to it with stunted harmony.

FR60 120 220

Here's a short full range for this frequently played tune in Galaxy 2! Composed by Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota.

FR60 160 511

Here's the full range for Hoohoo Village! Composed by Yoko Shimamura. I hope to do a GI30 for this one.

FR60 126 250

Here's the game start theme from Mario Party 1. Fun fun.

FR60 120 159

Here's the menu theme from Mario Party 3! It's been a short tune I liked since childhood. Composed by Ichiro Shimakura. I might do a GI30 arrangement.

GI30 135 600 5 12

My arrangement for Toby Fox's "Once Upon a Time" from Undertale. This is made for a 30 note music box. It's also my first cover done on musicboxmaniacs!

FR60 110 496 1

Here's a composition of mine from early 2013! This is a fuller, 60 note version. It will be remade for Grand Illusions 30 once I get it, yep. ©ChrispyNBC (Musical Yoshi). Check out my channel at: