Kitsky's melodies

FR60 80 256

FR60 110 192

FR60 110 260

i haven't seen anyone else make this one so i did enjoy!

FR60 110 500

this is one of my favorite soundtracks within the game

FR60 120 624

only contains six's music box part

FR60 105 384 2

The menu version's music box

FR60 141 768

finally done :DD i tried to make the exact tunes for it enjoy!

FR60 110 336

the OST that plays in the sleeping children's bedroom (i tried to make it loop)

K15 60 200

hope you don't mind it's a litter faster

K15 100 72

a lot faster

FR60 110 256

ik it's baddd but i'm still learning and practicing y'know? i'm not done yet

FR60 120 1000

ik it's bad but remember that this ost is made with drums and it was pretty hard to make to the first part for me lol, i'm not done yet

GI30 110 256

GI30 144 255

i dunno it's name, can someone help lol?

GI30 110 390


GI30 94 172

i made it so that it loops

FR60 110 761

GI30 110 152