LittleWolf's melodies

GI30 85 176

Also known as "Study No. 4" in the Level 1 & 2 music book from the Royal Conservatory of Music's "Celebration Series".

GI30 60 112 3

A mystery melody fragment. Does anyone know the tune?

GI30 76 1062

Song from the soundtrack of Disney's animated cartoon of Beauty and the Beast.

GI30 112 1449

A song from the Disney animated version of Sleeping Beauty.

GI30 160 192

Transcribed from musical score in the book "The Sing and Play Book" by Ethel Crowninshield" (The Boston Music Co., Boston, MA: 1938).

GI30 69 1226 16

From Earthsongs, composed by Rolf Løvland (2004).

GI30 150 664

A song about autumn from Snoopy and Charlie Brown (UFS, 1986) by Desiree Goyette.

GI30 120 256

Song from the Alfred's Basic Piano Library Recital Book 1B.