Lucia's melodies

GI30F 90 208

아르페지오 연습하다가 빡쳐서 지어본 곡.. 인데도 아르페지오가 있다 I practice arpeggio in piano... it's hard so I angry about it. But I composed this song and it have arpeggio. What's happening in my brain🤯

GI30F 90 288 2

This music crosses the major and minor keys. Hope you like it!

GI30F 80 128 2 3

Seoul Metro Train(Subway) approach sound + Composition

GI30F 80 240

Hope you like it!

GI30F 70 240 4 5

This song have Seoul Metro Train Approaching sound. 서울메트로 기차 오는 소리가 들어있습니다.

GI30F 60 120

I tried to match the speed of the music box. It's not fast.

FR60 60 192 1

Stardew Valley OST.

FR60 60 352

Stardew Valley OST. It is not finished until the end. 끝날 때까지 끝난 게 아닙니다. 중간에 공백은 원래 있는 공백입니다.

GI30F 115 258

It was my first time writing a waltz.It can be awkward. 처음으로 왈츠를 작곡해보았습니다. 어색할 수 있어요.

GI30F 110 256 3

I majored in piano. So, this music like a classical music.

GI30F 100 344

Just test. I compose this melody what I want. +Melody looks like starlight, so I named this music 'Starlight'.

FR60 105 630

WTC 1 → Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1

GI30 70 384 29

Toby Fox - Once Upon a Time (Same)

GI30F 65 264 1

Kagamine Rin*Len ver.

GI30 110 72

I'm compose this melody