LuxBulbis's melodies

FR60 105 217

An arrangement of the music that plays during the credits for The Big Four 2014 film starring David Suchet as Poirot.

GI30 75 105

An arrangement of one of the pieces from The Haunting of Hill House series.

GI20 129 215

Imported from Fuel_To_Fire_Music_Box_Arrangement.mid

FR60 120 195

This is the instrumental ending section of the song Smoke and Mirrors by Agnes Obel:

GI30 160 381 2 2

The opening and verse sections of Evelyn Evelyn's titular song.

GI30 120 291 A portion of a lovely song from Patrick Watson's Waterproof9 album.

GI30 160 393 2 1

Wasn't quite sure which section of the song to publish, but I decided on the prechorus and the chorus. If you would like another section, just let me know :)

GI30 85 132 2 1

A classic Beatles song for the GI30 :)

GI30 120 265 2

A snippet of Patrick Watson's Je te laisserai des mots for the 30 note music box.

FR60 120 1170 1 <--- Original composition by Derek & Brandon Fiechter. Full song for full range.

GI30 120 183 1 <--- Original composition by Derek & Brandon Fiechter. A short segment arranged for the GI-30 music box.

FR60 160 1602

Composed by Grant Kirkhope

GI30 125 235

The beginning and ending sections of 'Mary' by Agnes Obel, arranged for the GI30 Music box.

GI30 140 195

A segment of one of Chopin's waltzes for the GI-30.

GI30 109 257

Composed by Grant Kirkhope. Slight modifications to rhythm near ending to allow for practical music box use.

FR60 100 757

Old Doll/Old Puppet as heard in Mad Father/Ib. Omitted nonuplets as they sounded a little messy.

GI30 120 130

A short segment of Rachmaninoff's Italian Polka arranged for a 30-note music box.