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Hey everyone welcome back and today is a same melody of life but a little improved so hope u enjoy bye!

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I can't believe we hit it. We hit 500 likes! Thank you all for the love! I love you all. Btw I have a giveaway from a game: its a money giveaway! #typing #love #likes

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Warning: This is a clone from Alpha. Enjoy!

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Hey guys welcome back! So today I created this melody because it is just sad or happy for some people and yea. I also have a discord server make sure to join! Here is the link: copy and paste it

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Hey everyone this melody is pretty sad but for some people it is happy but anyway enjoy! Bye

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Okay guys If you clone this look at the ending that was the hardest part! but enjoy

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#loveyouall #melodies

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Hey what's up everyone! Another Official Audio! This is called go. It is an awesome melody and took 6-7 hours almost as much as clarity but more. What melody should I create next? Comment below!

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What's up guys welcome back! How are you all. this is a melody called coffin dance but... Warning: This Is a Clone from danielalistercastro2 I wanted to give him a shoutout for creating this super awesome melodies so enjoy! See ya

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Hey everyone! Wanted to thank everyone real quick! 400 likes in total I can't believe it! I just uploaded in the morning a 300 likes special and got 400 likes in a couple hours. I just love you all. If you want you all can DM me on discord. My user is: Swift Swayer YT Official#8761 I will reply to you all. Love You!

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Yo What's up everyone! Welcome back! I can't be more excited I have 300 likes in all! I just love you all guys! You all are the best! I can't thank you enough. btw a little annoucement: I will post (atleast try to post) 3 melodies a day! so enjoy everyone! Love you all! also you guys can dm and talk to me on discord: Swift Swayer Official#8761

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Best piece yet Wednesday/ October 14/ 2020. PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW. listen to the end. Dedicated for Her. My favorite song ever it will always remind me of something. clone of delta

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Yo guys I created this melody for my friend @Delta because he has 70 likes so make sure to like his melodies get him those likes enjoy! love you all!

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Please enjoy @Delta i don't think it is good so if you want clone it and then make it better but it is ur choice. @everyone have a great day and enjoy

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Credit goes to: @sschouten WARNING: This is a clone but I edited it to make it better

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This took me about 5 hours of hard work. Please enjoy. Note: Delta if you are listening and reading this you can clone it for likes bro. Everyone please like and follow delta!

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I have created a new one which is way better so enjoy!

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It took me aka Melodies a long time to make. Make sure to enjoy

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Wait for it Wait for it there we go. I know it is slow right? Comment it you want me to make it faster.

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Yo What's up guys welcome back and btw this is a preview and it isnt that good but I appreciate what I can do right?

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Alright guys this took almost forever make sure to like also if u can make it better clone and @ me Thanks!

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Alright guys make sure to like, follow, and comment! Have a great day

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Yo guys I worked hard to make this clone better so make sure to like and follow!