NicolasG's melodies

K15 130 112

Done to repeat

K15 110 256

Second of the type!

K15 90 340

Done with randomly-chosen notes from the strip.

K15 60 48 1

From Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

K15 90 100 1

I've deleted the notes that can't be done on a music box. Made to repeat.

K15 110 256

I created this melody in honor of my two guinea pigs, who really love them. It is also part of the "Notes Compilation" serie I just started.

K15 90 256 1

I am still not very good, so sorry if there are some wrong notes....

GI30 90 256

This is my version of this theme, transformed from the original. This is my first production, so it might not be very good.