ZacharyWright's melodies

FR60 94 256

Segment of the music box notes from the very beginning of the song. I can't get it out of my head so here ya go.

FR60 75 586

This was from one of my favorite videogames as a kid. It held a special place in my heart, and I hope it will bring back good memories for those who have played it as well. I think I might go back and clean this one up later. I think it can be improved.

FR60 79 829 1

By Alec Holowka from the game Night in the Woods

FR60 160 1151

Painstakingly Transposed by Zachary Wright. My brain hurts.

FR60 110 1069 18

The fixed version

FR60 85 303 1 1

Transcribed by Zachary Wright. Original music is not mine.

FR60 110 256 38

Original by Toby Fox. Transposed by Zachary Wright.

FR60 110 350 1

This is a piece of music written by Toby Fox, and transcribed by me to be played on a music box.