gerdzeeland's melodies

GI30 80 150

Easy peasy transcription of the introduction of this magnificent piece: De Tafel der Armen - Wat in stilte bloeit -

GI30 130 280

You may want to compress this to yield a twice as shorter paper strip (or if you can't reach a high rotation speed, turning the lever :) ). However this will result in a couple of successive notes right after each other, that can't be played on the music box.

GI30 110 136

This short introduction from the Rondo fits on a standard 150 note paper strip.

GI30 110 128 1

Fits on a standard (150 note) paper strip.

GI30 100 256

The range of this piece is simply too large to have a proper transcription, but it's perhaps better than nothing. ;)

GI30 110 100

Based on:

GI30 120 200

Based on:

GI30 150 352

Own modification for 30 note music box. Memories!

GI30 110 216

When creating a paper strip, you can ignore the red *second* notes (don't punch those, they won't work). It will sound fine too.

GI30 100 256 2

Based on [] beethoven-ludwig-van-l-039-ode-a-la-joie-26863.pdf

GI30 75 256 1 3

Own transcription, based on

GI30 110 264

Adapted from:

GI30 70 256

It's a shame we still can't use triplets, so when punched, keep this in mind yourself, listen to the music to get them right. ;)

GI30 60 300 3

Adapted from

GI30 90 256 1

Transposed and adapted for 30 note music box.

GI30 60 152

Old Dutch Christmas song (Oh Christmas eve, purer than the days). Lyrics from the year 1637 by Joost van den Vondel (see ). Notes picked up somewhere and rearranged for 30 note music box.

GI30 110 96

Arrangement found somewhere on the webs, adjusted a little bit for 30 note music box