stayation's melodies

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I have been dying to make this song into a music box cover for the LONGEST time and "Cover Me" is considered my favourite SKZ track ever (alongside "Silent Cry). I'm still quite iffy with the pre-chorus and it took a while to nail down Verse 1, which is the reason why this cover is released quite late. Feedback is always appreciated, and I hope you can enjoy :)

FR60 76 1260

A two-day (but impulsive) project that I personally have to smash it out. "Waiting for Us" is 110% my second favourite track in Stray Kids' entire discography! This music box might be a bit sloppy (mainly near the end of the song) so apologies for that. I finally got the opportunity to use Ableton which helped make this output possible. I hope you all have a lovely day :) Update: Ending has been modified a little and I deliberately dropped the tempo to make it more smoothing.

FR60 90 650

I'm back for a while! Life has been quite hectic so I wanted to quickly post the intro, all the way until the 1st refrain (basing this off Genius because I don't know what it's called haha) for Silent Cry, my favourite Stray Kids song ever. Hope you enjoy it :) Note: I don't think I will be able to make music boxes consistently so I think I'm just going to just make a list of songs for future music boxes. In fact, I had to start this entire project from the editor as both my piano + Ableton were being little nuiscances with recording, importing and exporting my MIDI. So sorry to disappoint but I will try post mini music box covers whenever I'm free :) Edit: Since the 27th of March, I have edited the refrain!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Stray Kids :) It is not the full song (once again) but I hope to upload a full cover of this song in the future.

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I released this music box edition last year to celebrate his birthday. The original music box was released on my instagram account. However, I've made incorrect errors to the basic beat, so I had to restart. This should be the final music box but if further adjustments are necessary, I will do so as soon as possible. Hopefully this will be uploaded as a YouTube video soon :) Edit: Thank you so much for everyone for liking this cover! I sincerely appreciate it :D

FR60 85 125

A test. I will try to recreate the full song on a future YT channel.