tinkytoink's melodies

FR60 108 245

I love this song so much muhaha

FR60 115 250

i stopped listening to edm a long time ago but this song still hits

FR60 70 195

another og melody :)

FR60 95 96

my own little jingle!

FR60 70 120

yes this song is from the parent trap lol. but it's so cute!!

FR60 85 108

a fun little christmassy song I wrote!

GI30F 100 64

I've always loved this part of this song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFKVSwHNx8s: helped me with the chords

FR60 125 195 1

ooo it's so moody i love this game

FR60 95 252

merry christmas!! adapted from this cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkOlQmNAQE4

FR60 110 192 24

i'm sure this has been done before but it's so cute and i'm trying to make a GI30F version :)

FR60 95 456

here's a little ditty someone on tiktok wrote, I absolutely love it so here it is in music box form!

FR60 95 208

my new favorite song!! :)

FR60 120 136

love this song, it has such a pretty melody :)

FR60 140 104

with the help of this cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EQu6-q2xmM

GI30F 85 100

just so i can punch this out and play it for real :DDD

FR60 85 100

a nice waltzy thing I did the other day

FR60 90 128

Imported from jungle emperor leo_1928390_12.mid_1622144320773.mid

FR60 95 144

the full 60 version :)

GI30F 110 102

haw another ditty I made

FR60 134 257

this one's a little more ragtime-y, it sounds amazing honestly

FR60 140 260

a lovely song by a lovely 50s norwegian band