Naliovker Diy Music Box Tune Hand Crank 15 Notes Music Instrument Set With 20 Pcs Blank Note Crank Mechanical Musical Box

In a nutshell, the minimum note interval that movement can identify is half of the interval between solid line and dotted line. 15-note movement range is narrow, so consider first whether it is possible to write your favorite music on tape. An appropriate recomposition is ok if necessary.
Therefor, in some cheerful melody and chords, such as 15351535, the 5 repeats too much and the music might come out as 153153. You can try to recompose chord and melody. If there is no better recomposition, you should consider if to write it on tape. It allows 1/4 beat, and just punch hole in between solid line and dotted line.
This music box movement and tapes set is great for making your own music box.
Writing Music On Paper Tape:The movement read notes through rotation of 15-pin shaft and make sound by moving soundboard. Within a circle of shaft rotation, if a sound of a pitch appears more than once (such as 11, two sounds are very close to each other, and on paper tape, 2 holes of C sound are punched on adjacent solid line and dotted line), the later sound will be ignored after first sound is read(adjacent 1/4 beat sound of the same pitch will also be ignored).
Create your own musical melody by punching holes in the paper tapes provided and play any song you wish.
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Do you have Diy Music box?! And you want to play your favorite melodies on your real music box, but can't create paper strip with right notation, because you don't have enough experience? Ask me at:

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