Goodangie00 30 Note DIY Auto Motor Electric Music Box Movement + 5Pcs Refill Blank Paper Strips Puncher + Adapter for Your Own Songs

How to create your own music:
Based on the diagram in the direction transverse to the pitch ( increasing from left to right ) , vertical to the beat ( solid line between the two is one beat ) .
Note: Due to hand tape movement through a thin needle with a read -hole axis and read out the note struck audible sound teeth , in which a thin shaft rotating circle, if a sound appear on the pitch more than once ( for example, 11 corresponds to such notation of two closely spaced tones ; corresponds to the tape sense, that is solid and dotted lines such as adjacent the sound hole simultaneously C ) , then when the first tone is after reading the back of the ( same ) tone is ignored ( adjacent 1/ 4 beat even within the same pitches are omitted ) . Therefore, some cheerful melody or chord , such as 15,351,535 , of which five tone is repeated so frequently , and the effect may be just 153,153 , so pay attention to the chord adaptation ;Melody is also true, if adaptation is not good, the taste of losing the original song.
You can also use an app to help you to arrange songs before you start punching holes. There are smartphone apps for composing songs (you can searched "music box composer" to find yours).

Package Content
1*Auto Music Movement(not included batteries)
1*Hole Puncher
5*Blank Strips
AC Adapter*1
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