15 Note DIY Hand Crank Music Box Movement, Wooden DIY Music Box Movement, Make Your Own Music Box, Special Birthday Christmas Gift without Hole Puncher or Tapes

HIGH QUALITY: The movement of the music box and the hole punch is made of high quality wood and metal material, heat treated for durable cutting edges, strong and Pointed edge, durable in use, has a long service life
EXCELLENT DESIGN - Fine workmanship, exquisite shape design, beautiful hollow carving pattern makes it an excellent desktop ornament, it would be a great gift for friends or the one you love
PRACTICE TOOL: This music box movement and tape set is ideal for making your own music box, you can use this music box movement, with a metal beat and tapes to practice and imitate, and you can also make new ribbons with thick paper
USE THE METHOD: Write your music note on the paper tape, create your own musical melody by making holes in the paper tapes provided, put perforated paper tape inside the music box movement and shake the shaft, then you can make it ring
SPECIAL GIFT: Using this DIY tool to make the music box and create the songs you want for your family, friends or anyone especially for you as the creative gift
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Do you have Diy Music box?! And you want to play your favorite melodies on your real music box, but can't create paper strip with right notation, because you don't have enough experience? Ask me at: https://www.fiverr.com/diymusicbox/notation-for-diy-music-box

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