Musical Piano Tissues Box Cover Rectangular Square Travel Car Tissue Holder with Hanging Strip,4 Packs Multifunctional Bathroom Toilet Tissue Boxes Storager,Instrument Music Blue Orange Green Pink

Well Made: Different from wooden travel tissue box holder rectangular or plastic tissue box covers cube, this car tissue box holder is woven by high-quality cotton linen and cloth fabric, lightweight, soft, solid, flexible and reusable, burlap fabric is not easy to tear, wear or fade. Portable and durable tissue box holder for car center console, office desk, living room tv stand, school classroom, kitchen sink, bathroom decorative, dining table, wall is easy to clean, machine or hand washable.
Perfect Size: 12"x7.5" tissue box perfect for your car holder/dashboard/seat/visor/side door/glove compartment, fit almost standard size box of tissue towel, facial napkin, wipe, perfectly covering small/large/long/short square tissue box cover or rectangle tissue box cover. Visor tissue holder can be folded at will like purse pocket tissue holder, not bulky in suitcases and backpacks, does't take up any space, easily to carry when trip to Europe/Asian, or spring/summer/fall/winter camping.
Hanging Loop: Bathroom tissue holder clearance comes with a convenient hanging hand strap design and buttons, with modern gorgeous look and classic functional design, you can hang multifunction tissue storage box tissue on the wall beside your loveseat, use as toilet tissue holder for bathroom, car tissue box holder for auto/car/ruck, play tissue box holder on the study shelf or gaming room, etc, keep the tissue always at hand, no need to hide your tissue holder anymore when friends are over.
Sticky Large Opening: The extra large opening with paste design on the tissue storage box set bottom, make you easily put in whole pack tissue than other narrow-mouth tissue box cover square. Easy to fill, and holds the tissues tight enough, but still easily slide your tissue. Kitchen pocket tissue holder is perfect for sink, end tables, night stands, store boutique countertops, vanities, bed, dressers, dining tables and desks, outdoor tent, party. Extra chic & practical travel tissue holder!
Great Decor: Unique design is perfect for home and commercial use, a stylish way to store your tissues, decorative tissue box holder add natural and fancy addition to any interior outdoor setting, with cute and funny pattern, clear printed tissue box holder widely use in kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, family room, craft room, school classroom, reception room, moving cars, toilet, hotels, campsites, offices, college dormitories, restaurant, household, automotive, apartment, campers,etc.
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