30 Note Paper Tape,Paper Tape Strips,DIY Music Box Accessories,Hand Crank Music Box,10pcs/Set Blank Paper Tape Strip,Melody Creation,Wide Applications,for 30 Note DIY Hand Crank Music Box, Paper

[CREATE CUSTOM MELODIES] - Unlock the magic of music creation with this 10pcs/set of Blank Paper Tape Strips, tailored for 30 Note DIY Music Boxes.
[WRITE YOUR FAVORITE NOTES] - Let your creativity flow as you jot down your cherished musical notes on these paper tape strips.
[LONGER MELODIES, SMOOTHER PLAYING] - This set of 10 strips allows you to seamlessly connect them for longer music pieces, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable playing experience.
[OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS] - Each paper tape strip measures approximately 66cm in length and 7.1cm in width, providing the perfect canvas for your musical masterpieces.
[FOR MUSIC ENTHUSIASTS OF ALL LEVELS] - Whether you're a professional musician or an enthusiastic amateur, these paper tape strips offer an easy and enjoyable way to craft your beloved tunes.
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