SUPVOX 50 Pcs 30 music box paper tape refill paper composition paper tape paper strips music record paper music note blank paper tape strip to make your own music white dedicated set

30 NOTE BLANK STRIPS OF MUSIC BOX-- Easy to use, ideal for music box lover to DIY beloved music, no matter you are professional or amateur.
30 NOTE MUSIC BOX PAPER-- Glue strips together to accomplish a longer music piece, so making the playing smoother.
COMPOSITION PAPER TAPE-- The Blank Tape Is for Composing Music, Write Your Notes on The Tape, and Punch Holes.
30 NOTE BLANK STRIPS-- With this paper tape strip set, you can write your favorite musical note on the paper tape.
HANDCRANK MUSIC BOX MOVEMENT-- Blank Paper Tape Strip This Blank Tape Is Specially Designed for DIY Hand Crank Music Box. You Can Write Your Favorite Notes on The Tape. 10pcs Music Box Refill Blank Paper DIY Hand Crank Music Box Movement Paper Tape Blank Paper Tape Strip Make Your Own Music for 30 Note Music Box
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