DIY Music Box Movement Hand Crank Blank Paper Tapes Hole Punch Mental Paper Alloy Strips 30 Note Hand Cranked Drafting Tools Kits

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※『DIY』 music melody by drilling holes in the provided paper strips and playing the song of
※『Package』The movement comes with piece of hand crank musical movement, piece of hole punch and for pieces of paper strips for you to practice and imitate
Summary Of Selling Points: music experience, selling description This hand cranked is equipped with a arrangement function and a hole punch. Users can personalize arrangements according to their own preferences and their own music. Three blank paper strips provide ample for creative space, allowing you to for express your musical and for touch the hearts of every listener. Experience the fun of creating your own music. Different music boxes bring different enjoyment.
movement attached a punch and tapes for practice and imitation use
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