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Easy To Use: The movement is operated by turning the hand crank while the music strip is through. The set includes a punch, three practice tapes, and a hole puncher to help you get started. Even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to compose your own melodies with ease.
movement attached a punch and tapes for practice and imitation use
Versatile Composition: The blank tapes provided allow you to compose music, and you can even make new tapes using thick paper. write your musical notes on the paper strip and use the puncher to holes. Insert the punched paper strip into the movement, the shaft, and listen to your creation come to life.
Arranger: These two music boxes are hand cranked, no required, and can play wonderful music anytime, anywhere. And, they all come with blank paper and a hole punch, allowing you to and encode music yourself. Whether you like a hand cranked or a for creative and fun arrangement , they can bring you a music experience.
Selling Summary: , selling description This a and uses a hand cranked to work, which not only adds to the fun of music, but is also a combination of and art. Looking at this innovatively designed , one can't help but be of the old players of the past, full of . Whether as a to a friend or as a decoration, the is a good choice.
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