DIY Build It Yourself Wooden Music Box Kit with Hand Crank (Ferris Wheel)

Enjoy long interactive hours of play with these DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Music Boxes. Spend quality time with friends and family putting together these adorable Music Boxes. Made from safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly natural wood and exquisite laser cutting technology for perfect blend of premium quality and precision. This kit engages your brain and hands to give you a sense of accomplishment after assembling. Comes with everything necessary to assemble and instructions. Each music box features a different melody that pairs with its unique design. For ages 14 & over. Options: Merry-go-round"You Are My Sunshine"( 2.9x3.15x6.7 in), Machinarium "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (3x3.4x4.9 in.), Ferris Wheel "Castle in the Sky"( 4x3x6.6 in.) , The Universe "Moonlight Sonata" ( 3x3x7.75 in), and Tree House "Tales from the Vienna Woods"( 4x3x6.6 in).
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