Ben Yoruldum Hayat - Mümin Sarıkaya (Life, I am exhausted)

Grand Illusions 30
21/09/2022 23:58

Bearbeitung für Spieluhr: Uwe Schäfer-Rinkens, Musikschule Klimpertaste, Darmstadt, Deutschland
(Arrangement for music box: Uwe Schäfer-Rinkens, Music School Klimpertaste, Darmstadt, Germany)

(Text: Translation Turkish - English)
Life, I am exhausted, don't push me any further
In front of the vile world, i'm forced to my knees
People have fallen in esteem one by one
Do not intimidate my lonely being (lit. "head")

Life, I was wrong (so) don't taunt me
I gave up the craziest form of love
Hence my life vanishes bit by bit
Do not make my lonely head bend

Life, i'm full of regrets, don't question me
Kill me if you like, it won't stop my tongue
My words are tart, they hurt (lit. touch) the heart
Don't let me open this silent lips of mine

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