Memory - Ib

Full range 60
01/10/2017 04:35

Transcribed onto a 60-note music-box. There are supposed to be some arpeggios, but I decided not to play them (i.e., those notes are played all at once here, instead of having them be quickly played one after the other). Actual tempo differs slightly from the one played here (seems to be in-between 111bpm and 112bpm). This follows more closely to 海老福's arrangement than the original (both are very similar, anyhow).

I don't actually have a 60-note music-box to play this physically, but I just love hearing this on a music-box (even though it's probably just a midi). An unusual piece to transcribe, considering I've only done pieces whose range can fit on a 30-note music-box. Although I could just raise/lower the pitch of each section to fit, I rather listen to this one without doing that.

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