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GI30 88 864

Original by NicolArmarfi Transposed by a minor third. L.H raised an octave for some sections. Instances of notes changing to fit in: (15x)G♯3->G♯4 (after transposing).

GI30 80 760

Original by NicolArmarfi Arranged by Mirrormn Note: -pair of triplets (approximated here) near the middle; -ritardando at the end (not followed here). Transposed by a perfect fifth. L.H. raised by an octave (L.H. notes sometimes overlap R.H's). Three instances of notes changing to fit in: (2x)E♭4->G♭4 & G6->G5 (after transposing). (There's a 2-beat measure near the middle if you're wondering why the white/grey stripes invert in the editor.)

GI30 160 464

Transcribed onto a 30-note music-box, and transposed such that B becomes D, E becomes G,etc.. Two notes, C♯4 and C♯6, are omitted (after transposition). Near the end, it shifts to 3/4. The last bit at the end is raised by an octave. I'm having a small issue with the L.H. part. I most likely won't be uploading a version with both parts playing together as is any time soon.