Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon OST - Partner's Theme

Full range 60
16/01/2022 00:55

I have never heard this song before but it's so good

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Ben_Efits on Jan. 16, 2022, 7:18 a.m.

yeah there certainly was some irony in those ones. I mean on one hand the music was certainly awesome, on the other it marked a moment for the pokemon fans where "blind consumerism" would step in, that blind consumerism of pokemon games lead to a complacency we are still feeling today, there is a reason todays pokemon games are not as good as say the ASTOUNDING SALES AND SUCCESS of pokemon gold or silver or its remakes. Reason being over time the pokemon company provided less feature rich, less pokemon and less over all of a game. the slogan used to be "gotta catch em all" now its "gotta catch a few and pay for a few and get half a pokedex" as a result of all this the gamer community and channels such as GYM LEADER ED have seen all this current and recent success by offering alternitives in the monster tamer game genre that actually care about what you think as a fan and gamer. check this out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS8eZV4T-G3I7McyiR9Vlhw you will sense the true distane we have all felt after a couple videos on better franchises such as lets say "Palworld, Kindred fates or Nexomon extinction" covered there. What you find is that the folks who USED TO BE FANS FROM CHILDHOOD the poketubers that once defended this franchise with a bias? Even those players are done with thelack luster over priced franchise that is pokemon company today, I would bet the fact they are more interested in selling a plushy and production of a repetitious anime they dont have time to make repetitious UNEVOLVING GAME ENGINE as they have for so many years and got away with!

Ben_Efits on Jan. 16, 2022, 7:25 a.m.

for a fine example look at the reviews of more recent title the diamond and pearl remakes. What you find is bad review after bad review and or bias review after bias review with no mention of how it is the gameplay has been stipped of : battles, trades, held items, breeding mechanics, battle tower post games (or often any post game at all) with worse mechanics and worse engines with less pokemon instead of more (old games had upward of 898 Pokemon in a single game today youll be lucky to see over 151 you got in "lets go pikachu and lets go eevee" titles respectively. The point? This franchise needs to either die out or hand over the dev to a more passionate third party that will actually develope it not false advertise what it is till lauch "legends arceus" a fine example of that happening as we speak in the world of the pokemon gamer. Its been a rough decade for the true "pokemon fan" let me tell ya. But its those third p[arty games like Nexomon extinction and Tem Tem that give us FAITH in the monster tamer genre as a whole. Sadly pokemon company is why that is possible (had they listened to their fans other games wouldnt be there to now compete and even perhaps take the place of the pokemon game format in our hearts. So while it will always be a fond memory of childhood in the genre. Todays pokemon games are signs this company has ran its course in the eyes of the modern day gamer.

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