Sarabande from BWV1010 - Katawa Shoujo - With Faster Trill

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23/07/2017 13:23
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Sarabande from BWV1010 - Katawa Shoujo

Transcribed Sarabande from BWV1010 onto a 30-notes music-box, and transposed ,such that G becomes E, C becomes A, etc.. The song is also played in the visual novel Katawa Shoujo. This transcription follows more closely to the latter than the original. Due to restrictions concerning the playable range of the 30-notes musicbox, a single note could not be played (the C♯6 is instead played as a D6, after transposing).
By doubling the distance between beats and doubling the tempo too, the trill can be made to play twice quicker. However, since the trill only contains 24 notes instead of 27 (actually 28, but the last one is silent), it is still slightly slower than the one present in Katawa Shoujo.

Hole punch paper strips Export

Yay! It looks like this melody can be played offline on a 30 note paper strip music box!

All you need to do is:

  1. Get a 30 note DIY Music Box Kit from our online store page if you don't have one
  2. Export the melody to PDF with paper strips, print it out and cut with scissors. Make sure to use the right paper size and set you printer scale to 100%, otherwise the size won't match. It's better when paper strips are thick, so if you are going to use thin office paper, we recommend you to glue two or three layers together. Another option is to laminate paper strips with a transparent duct tape
  3. Punch holes with a tool from the music box kit
  4. Enjoy your favorite melody playing on a real music box!

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#1835558321 (Shoutout to the person who requested this because I'd never heard this song before and I love it!)