Acarzin's melodies

GI30 90 1220 6

Missing many parts of the main melody... Don't fret ! You've probably listened to the song like a thousand times, so you'll just add it in in your mind.

GI30 79 446

I love her, she's so cute I'm straight though

FR60 69 1967 1 6

i accidentally made it one octave down, lmao i spent so long on this pls stop me

FR60 100 454

Its a cool game, ive never uploaded so many songs in sucession

FR60 79 792

g o o d b o y e

FR60 89 365

An easy one this time

FR60 95 713


FR60 60 440

Ahhh it's really nice when played on the piano

FR60 69 1024 9

I don't think it's calm enough for a music box but is any of the songs I post calm?

FR60 95 651

FR60 146 1024 1

FR60 160 1024

One of my most favourite songs - and game.

FR60 60 337

A little slow, but a nice tune anyways.

FR60 72 1024 7

Kill the man without getting hit and he will commit sudoku in shame

FR60 70 763 1

Sif noooooooo

FR60 146 1024

th ey multiplied the gargoyles in ds2 and called it a day 5/5 best creativity jk i still love fromsoft

FR60 60 1024

:^) I messed up, hooorrible clashing in certain areas

FR60 85 1015

I would make a pun with Vordt's name here, but I realised it was fairly insulting

FR60 157 1024

I don't think it's possible for this song to be soothing to the ears

FR60 97 1024 1

I think it's safe to assume that even if you had a 60 note music box, you wouldn't have the patience to poke so many holes out

FR60 145 1024

Pretty sure by making this I managed to lower the epicness tier of the bossfight by at least 70%

GI30 80 1024 1 29

Since the piano sheet was officially released, I thought: why not? Some notes might be missing.

FR60 120 1024 12

This was the best that I could do, hahah.

GI30 89 529 1

I expected this song to be all over this site, but n o p e I had to make one on my own im sO TIRED