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From 東方 - Double Dealing Character (Stage 5 Boss - Seija Kijin's theme) Composer: ZUN "I wrote this while thinking of the image of an extremely persnickety youkai. The result is pretty mischievous... well, the mood's pretty boss-like, so I'm happy. This is a fussy boss that would take the initiative in disliking others. Even so, she's the villain this round."

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From 東方 - Mountain of Faith (Stage 2 Boss - Hina Kagiyama's theme) Composer: ZUN "Since she's a gothic lolita, I thought I should make it a more painful kind of feeling, but when I thought of my own preferences, and the matter of the entire game, this kind of feeling just settled in. Well, she's just a stage 2 boss. It's better to make her look a bit stupid."

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From 東方 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (Stage 4 Boss - Patchouli Knowledge's theme) Composer: ZUN "Again with this sick feeling... It's a dark song, without any light or bright moments, despite its quite fast-paced nature. It could stand to be a little less heavy, as listening to this piece could drag someone down. (Laughs)" Afterword Shanghai Alice Correspondence vol. 1 "'Locked Girl'. A latchkey girl, if you will. It has nothing to do with Key. She's an unhealthy girl who loves the shade. By the way, speaking of sealed rooms... there's not much of an actual point to killing someone in one, is there? I could probably pull off a locked-room suicide, myself."

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